• Growing Circle 5

    The natives are getting restless and so is the Growing Circle gang!  In their attempt to escape the magical pyramid prison, they are flung back in time to the Old Wild West!  And things are going to get very wild when the Growing Circle magic starts...
  • Growout

    After the war, generations of survivors must live in one of many nuclear fallout shelters.  Now they go out to see what is left in the world, and the survivors start finding their shelter a little smaller and their outfits a lot tighter!  What big...
  • Bojays Giantess Cartoons Two

    Another great collection of giantess cartoons by Bojay, this time in color! Lots of imaginative takes on giant women and tiny men, including space aliens, spells, gags and more!“Bojay’s Giantess Cartoons Two” has 46 color pages of mostly single-panel inks....
  • Goldielocks and the Three Bearbarians

    A new comic by the College Grown team of HSefra and David Delanty! Goldilocks is a sweet and *cough* innocent girl who needs a warm meal and safe place for the night!  The home of the three bear hunting barbarians is perfect, but Goldilocks has other...
  • Domina's Valley 18

    Domina's Valley 18 - Valens' Charm ©Tales From Domina's Valley | Part THREE - Tropical Winter Images: 288  Size: 140 MB Resolution: 1920 x 1080 px Type: jpg After a day of intense sex with his newly grown Amazon Queen, Tyson experiences one of the best...
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  • Superguy vs the Teen Terrors

    Superguy vs the Teen Terrors
    28 pages, Black & White, US$8.99Shrinking Men, GiantessArtwork by Rebecca A fun giantess / shrinking man comic by Rebecca, the master (mistress?) of erotic art! Story Summary: Sexy teens Kaylee and Tess indulge their giantess fetish by shrinking Superguy...
  • a Vial of Lies 4 - Power shift

    Six months have passed since the day of the incident at Kyle's place and many things have changed: Laura has broken up with Kyle and she's performing experiments on her twin cousins; Roberta has lost her leadership; Val has turned into a bullied short girl....
  • Shrinks Shrink

    Anastasia and Penelope are dating psychologists Diana and Hector, only to find out Diana and Hector are married! Yet that is not the only little secret these two have. An ancient artifact allows them to steal the size of the patients they seduce and then...
  • Comic Con Part Two

    Giantess Cosplay fun in Comic Con Two
    32 pages, Color + B&W, $9.99Giantess, Shrinking WomenArtwork by Bojay Giantess and Shrinking Women fans should enjoy Part Two, which features lots of ladies bursting out – or shrinking out – of their cosplay costumes. More great art by Bojay with...
  • Sizeable Tales 14

    "A Growing Shade" a small humble...well maybe not so humble...cleric decides she won't be ignored anymore, and enhances her assets!  How far will she enhance? With art by Boosters 2 artist Luc! This comic contains mini giantess, non FMG growth and also...

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