Domina's Valley 22

Domina's Valley 22

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Domina's Valley 22 - A Taste of Destiny
©Tales From Domina's Valley | Part FOUR - Spicy Spring

Images: 325
Size: 135 MB
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Main Stars: Jessy, Giselle, Eden, Monique, Destiny, Buck, Tyson, Alex.
Secondary:  Vivian, Jana, Patricia, Nigel.

On a day where the witch huntresses assemble for crafting their new plans after a fruitless week, Buck Gordon comes back from a long week of meetings outside the city for, guess what, another meeting, but with an old partner this time. 

Eden had just been showing more than she should on the last meeting but what he didn't suspect is that someone else is eagerly awaiting for his already distracted attention. 

Not that other girls in the warehouse were not having, well, wardrobe “malfunctions” either. 

However, that day would not end without Destiny giving our favorite villainesses a tip where they could find a solution to their problems. 

More sweet problems ahead!

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