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Dear readers,

Here is a short list of projects I had for the comic universe that are being cancelled or postponed:

Captain Douchebag #2: At the end Of Douchebag#1, Quadzilla met a mysterious creature who planted a hypnotic suggestion in her mind. The creature was to be revealed as a “sewer troll” tying in a few hints that douchebag and the MILF had picked up in the sewers in previous Funky Spice issues. Captain Douchebag unable to protect the city from the double threat of Quadzilla siding with the trolls would have been forced to join forces with another character… Captain Douchebag #1 didn’t have the commercial success I hoped it would have so following up on a story of lesser interest seems to be a waste of rendering time.

Funky Spice #XX, Sewer Troll Apocalypse: A 3 part story slated to follow the “Season of the witch” As the city is overrun with Sewer trolls, the Funky Spice “core” characters are forced to barricade themselves at the diner if they have any hope to survive. With no weapons and Captain Douchebag otherwise busy, they turn to former Captain Jim Johnson (who was eating at the diner) hoping the middle aged hero will be their salvation. Unfortunately no single hero, no matter how great can single handedly take them all to safety. Many of them will have to find their own “inner” hero. The mini-series was supposed to begin on the same month as Captain Douchebag #2 but becomes pointless in its absence.

On the bright side, cancelled projects have brought new ideas to production, the “Colonial trilogy” will be completed faster than originally planned, and will coincide with the conclusion of the current Funky Spice series when the next miniseries “Funky Spice: Autumnal revelations” will conclude. But do not worry; while the (current) adventure of Jay, Jen and the gang are coming to an end, we will not have heard the last of the Funky Spice… (Is Funky Spice 2.0 in the plans?)

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