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Lauren's New Toy


Hi guys ! How goes it ?

Well, I've been seemingly inactive in the community for a while, and it's partly due to having less free time to work on GTS stuff, but it's also because I was secretly working on a few things, such as that pretty big story that I'm so glad to FINALLY be able to release after so many unexpected delays. You see, I've started this series more than a year ago, and at first it was intented to be a multi-part story with text which would have been much bigger than it actually became, but of course I was way over my head at the time and greatly underestimated the time it would require. Anyway, I still managed to find a compromise, and now I'm able to give you guys what I consider to be by far my best work to date ! I kind of find interesting that it happens just before the new year eve, when I think of it. I hope you'll enjoy such that it starts the new year on a good note !

Now about the series, here's the info :

Synopsys :

The story displays the first arrival of a man to his new home after having been brought there by his new mistress. She happens to be eager to play with her new toy, and so she quicly undresses and ask him to follow her in her bedroom. The set then focuses on the sexual interaction that follows.

What it contains :

Size comparizons, lifts and carry, genital and oral sex, and lots of related interaction.

Number of pics :   481

Size :                        399 Mb


How to get it :

  • I will soon add a new gallery here where I'll post all the pics.
  • The other option is to dowload the archive containing the whole set at once. I've uploaded it on Mediafire and Bitcasa and here are the download links :



If you guys have any problems to download it, or if the dl speed is too low, let me know and I'll try to upload it on another host.


Note :

I'll also try in the next few days to make available a lower res version of the set for those of you who would like to save it on their drives, but not for that much space.


Finally, here are some thumbnails. Enjoy and happy new year everyone !


One of my favorites. This is

Nallus (not verified)

One of my favorites.

This is nice because she looks like she's learning as she goes!

How'd she pick him up?  What was she thinking when she got him?  Had she heard or seen what others were doing with small males?