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Alex GTS Patreon Page

Hi guys,

Recently I started my Patreon page (link), you can get a lot for a very low pledge. Patreon is a place where you support the works you like and you can receive works and exclusive stories for your support.

I update the page with new content every month and there is also an exclusive story:

Lauren's New Toy


Hi guys ! How goes it ?

Reboots suck!

Reboots suck!

Hello GTS fans, readers, sympathizers and fellow weirdoes… Funky spice is coming to the end of it’s 3rd act and I think its time for me to touch base with you once again about what is coming up. Beginning with a little something about how the creative writing process goes.


Dear readers,

Here is a short list of projects I had for the comic universe that are being cancelled or postponed:

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GTS Artists 2nd Birthday!

Hi guys,

this is the 2nd year GTS Artists is online! Thanks everybody for your daily numerous presence and thanks also to all the artists that have contributed so far with their awesome works (in registration order):  tetsu, DangerousDave, btmbguy, dragoon, jesterbryanc, Liuti, Aclysm, ZZZ, Snotling, Berggie and Nyom.

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BMTBBOY 2 Starring Vanessa in the newsletter.

Cheap Tricks  next chapters need this for continue, then, this is the continuation:

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New Artist in the works!

So hey I'm a new artist here at GTS artists.  I plan on becoming more active in the community and posting works and you know, stuff like that.  I've currently got a comic in the works ((Which I will save the details for right now)) that I plan to sell, but obviously you wouldn't buy from someone you're not aware of how good they are, right?

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New Payment Method Available

That's it, now you can have other payment methods, not Just Credit Card :)

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