2 Hours of Dreams - Part 2

2 Hours of Dreams - Part 2

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In the second part, following real dream mechanics, the girls will continue to win over the guy by growing more and more while he will shrink a bit. There is a lot of interaction and action in a lot of growth sequences all “animated” and bouncy!

Themes: growing girls, breast expansion and a shrinking man (back - maybe - to average height), height transfer. Whatever he loses will go into girls that will become taller and more feminine. You can notice details like clothes getting shorter during growth, soft breasts and “animated” growth sequences.

This is the second part of a two parts episode of this series. There are 85 pictures for the Standard edition and several additional goodies with the Premium Edition including an alternative story version with undressed girls and 6 extra juicy breast expansion images!


Premium Edition contains unique extra images:
85 HD Images from the story + 85 HD images with no text +85 HD images from stories but with less clothes and no text + 6 Extra HD Breast Expansion Images
Total: 261 HD Images (1920x1080) 


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