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    The Resizer 2

    The sequel to The Resizer is here! Claire and Eddie continue their growing sex fun while using the Resizer! With some mischief in mind Claire invites her sexy friend Elena to join the fun, and Elena ends up finding out the hard way that the resizer can shrink people too!
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    AGW The Family 2

    A Growing World The Family 2 continues the adventures of a normal family in a big growing world where all women have become much larger than men and can grow even bigger! Alex and Donna's relationship continues to grow at school...in the janitor's closet!
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    Go Boosters go! The school has been overrun by girl happy aliens! All seems lost until 4 students stumble upon a way to fight back! Dom, Anne(nerdy girl in glasses), Trish(ditzy blonde) and Kelly(short tempered red head) must fight the perilous and overly frisky aliens before the last girls in the school are taken!
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