The Resizer 2

The Resizer 2

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The sequel to The Resizer is here! Claire and Eddie continue their growing sex fun while using the Resizer! With some mischief in mind Claire invites her sexy friend Elena to join the fun, and Elena ends up finding out the hard way that the resizer can shrink people too! Later Elena turns the tables growing herself and shrinking both Eddie and Claire, and the professor gets in a fun 3 way with a very big Claire and a very sexy nurse! All this and more size changing fun in The Resizer 2! This comic contains giantess, growth, breast growth, female shrinking, female shrinking out of clothes, clothes ripping, male shrinking, male shrinking out of clothes, male muscle, height and penis growth, male growth during sex, giantess tongue sexual activities on shrunken man and woman, giantess sex with growing man, ceiling cracking growth, giant and giantess sexual activities with shrunken woman and more!

Growth and shrinking is caused by the Resizer machine. All characters are 18 or older. All images are 2550x3600. Story by ZZZ and J.B. Hickock, art by Omar.

Collectors Edition is 53 pages and includes all 22 normal pages as well as the 22 pages without text. A sexy full color nude version of our Snow White, Not So Little Red Riding Hood and Alicia from Alicia Goes Wonderland flyer pin up by HSefra and David Delanty, three alternate sketch versions of the cover, alternate version of the male growth during oral sex page, sketch page featuring giant giving oral sex to shrunken woman and giantess giving oral sex to shrunken woman, advanced full color preview of Wheel of Change, a male and female growth comic featuring the male and female characters that have grown giant and the one sexy normal size female, and advanced full color preview of Bigger Better Clones 2 featuring a giantess Big Kelly shrinking while giving oral sex and getting cum shot in the face for it!

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