AGW The Family 2

AGW The Family 2

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A Growing World The Family 2 continues the adventures of a normal family in a big growing world where all women have become much larger than men and can grow even bigger! Alex and Donna's relationship continues to grow at the janitor's closet! Marisol finds herself outgrowing her coworkers, Dave is tempted by a very sexy tall new employee he meets on the subway filled with amazons and Fay is tormented by two once small nerdy girls she used to tease who have grown much taller and bustier than her! They trick Fay into taking a shrinking pill and have their way with a shrinking Fay and her boyfriend sexually! This comic contains giantess, shrunken woman, breast growth, ass growth, shrinking, clothes ripping, clothes loosening, shoes loosening, shoe busting, mini giantess growth, multiple giantess growing, mini giantess on normal size man growth during sex, sixty nine between mini giantess and normal size man, two mini giantess on normal size man and shrunken woman oral sex, normal size man with shrunken riding woman on cock,normal size man oral to mini giantess, mini giantess shrinking to doll size during sex, cum shot on face of mini giantess and cum shot on body of shrunken woman and more such as bigger pages and 2 pages longer than our standard comic!

Growth and shrinking is caused by sexual stimulation, green gas and pill. All characters are 18 or older. All images are 2550x3916. Written by Henry Buto and ZZZ, art by Pop-Lee.

Collectors Edition is 55 pages and includes all 23 pages as well as 23 pages no text, a 3 stage growth sequence of Marisol from A Growing World by the Silva Bros, 2 sketch pages showing some alternate designs for a page containing shrinking out of clothes and a page growing out of clothes, line art page featuring female growth in a confined closet, advanced full color preview of A Growing World Enforcers, featuring the growfy drug causing an unsuspecting woman to grow much larger than any previous AGW woman, advanced full color preview of Pixie No More 5 featuring a very large Ellenora masturbating and a very small soon to be large Nyxie joining in on the masturbating fun while Sir Grindalot watches, and advanced pencil preview of Snow White and the 7 Amazons drawn by HSefra featuring a sexy female dwarf outgrowing her clothes and having her way with two of the other sexy female dwarfs!

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