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In this story, humans are genetically engineered to improve some of these main attributes: SIZE, BEAUTY, HEALTH/AGILTY, INTELLIGENCE. But we all know that nothing is gained in exchange for nothing, so when some of the attributes are artificially improved, the other attributes are diminished.

The result: gigantic beautiful idiots, tiny geniuses, and everything in between.

This is by far the most visually intricate and beautiful story I have ever rendered. Giant girls (and one gorgeous girl in particular) are constantly interacting with much smaller men and women, to create a realistic feeling. I hope you enjoy it!

Average: 3.8 (9 votes)

It's an interesting premise,

It's an interesting premise, but I couldn't enjoy it. It's not bad, by any means. It just didn't click, for me.

I'm sorry to hear

I'm sorry to hear that.

Visually, I think 'Attributes' is superior to anything I've ever done. Maybe the plot wasn't your cup of tea? I can respect that. I like to think of my stories as love stories, in essence, with a bunch of sexy stuff thrown in for good measure. I guess not everyone likes that, but all I can do is make the stuff that I enjoy, and hope that others enjoy it too.

Still, I thank you for your feedback. smiley

No growth at all. I need to

No growth at all. I need to pay more attention to the tags.


As for the plot, you need to "Show, don't tell"

True, this one has lots of

True, this one has lots of comparison between giant women and tiny men and women (with a focus on one particulary beautiful giantess), but no size changes.


I'm actually a fan of growth (and also shrinking, anything that can create a power reversal between characters), and all my other work so far has featured size-changing prominently. I promise to go back to that in my future projects smiley

I really enjoyed that work of

I really enjoyed that work of yours, DangerousDave !

I enjoyed the comparisons and the description of the different type of people you can find in this story. In fact, the plot is the only "weakness" of all of this. It's not really disturbing but it could be improved. But after all, you'll find all the necessary to create a perfect story: good size interactions, interesting dialogs and high quality pictures.

If I had to give some points to improve, I'd say I'd like to see more size comparisons (feet, hands, etc.) and maybe some growing/shinking things like said before. The plot could also be improved, but I don't think that's the most important.

Thanks a lot for your work !!! wink

Really interesting premise,

Really interesting premise, but the "Olympian" character is only in like five shots; it's mostly just Our Hero, What's-His-Face, and three Boobs. 

I appreciate criticism, but

I appreciate criticism, but how did you count only 5 shots with the Olympian?

It's more like 50. At least...

Sure, she doesn't have a lot of dialog, but that's the point of the character. Even when it's another character talking, the Olympian is often visible, with a nice size comparison, quite often naked. What's not to like? :)