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    JnM - Chapter 16

    It was time for a vacation: the sun, the beach and a lot of girls in bikini! Enjoy!
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    Cheap Tricks III - Chapter 8

    Weeks later, Audrey succeed to put her plan into work with the help of her family and friends.  Today will be the first day of a new world.   Specially for that, I've brought some special guests for a little crossover  
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    JnM - Chapter 15

    Yes after almost 2 years Jessica is back... with a new "adventure"! Thanks to Dangerous Dave for English correction. This chapter will make the story more intriguing and it will explain exactly why Jessica is growing and why other girls around her are growing too!
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    JnM - Chapter 14

    It's the birthday party of a girl, but who is she? Do you remember where her name appear for the first time? In this chapter the height difference between Michael and Jessica is getting even bigger, are their role reversed? Is he now as short as Jessica was to him when she started growing? Read this chapter to find out!  
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    Mini-gts misc gallery

    The cover could be a little tricky, because most of the stuff is outdated compared to  my current standars. Most of it is mini-gts material, aside some small men renders.
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    Giantess misc stuff

    This gallery have some of my giantess stuff, done with vue and poser, mostly point of view images that i found risky to post in deviantart , lastly i include some of my best works  too, just for people who still haven't a deviantart account.
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    In this story, humans are genetically engineered to improve some of these main attributes: SIZE, BEAUTY, HEALTH/AGILTY, INTELLIGENCE. But we all know that nothing is gained in exchange for nothing, so when some of the attributes are artificially improved, the other attributes are diminished. The result: gigantic beautiful idiots, tiny geniuses, and everything in between.
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    JnM - Chapter 13

    The plot thickens in this new chapter of Jessica and Michael. What is the doctor really doing? Is she giving her a cure or is she participating into something fishy? We are going to assist how the new taller and sexier Jessica deals with problems.
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    2011 GTS/BE works

    Berggie's 2011 GTS/BE Works. Check them out!
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    Jessica & Michael

    A girl goes trough a second puberty at the age of 19. In 5 years she changes not only phisically but also mentally. The story goes along this long period with "slices of life" scenes depicting her cuter, taller and bustier as her life goes on. Status: ongoing.
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    Random Tests

    Some Tests that are worth to be published. They feature several giantesses with different height size.
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