The Unequalizer 2

The Unequalizer 2

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Yumiko has become a gigantic amazon while Rob, Sarah and Tiffany have shrunken down to doll size!  What will Yumiko do with them?  What plans does Tiffany have for the Unequalizer?  After some size dominant fun and size swapping, Yumiko, Rob and Sarah's life might be permanently changed, plus a possible new female love interest for Yumiko?!  And what *little* thing does the unequalizer have in store for the nosey neighbors?  Lets not forget what Annie has planned for some of Brittany's underwhelming opponents in the ring...The new and improved blue serum of course, but it will be enough for the new much much larger and growing Brittany?  Find out in the Unequalizer 2! This comic contains The story contains GTS, FMG, BE, SW and SM, size transfer, clothes ripping, shoe buesting, shrinking out of clothes, shrunken man sex with much larger non muscle woman, non muscle shrunken woman oral sex to smaller shrunken man, shrunken woman sexual activity with muscle giantess, shrunken woman growing to muscle giantess, muscle giantess shrinking to tall amazon size, amazon oral sex to muscle giantess and more!

Collectors edition includes all images with and without text, a 3 stage growth sequence in pencil drawn by Something in the Water artist Everton Sousa of Balinda from 3GTS, 3 full color growth sequence images of female muscular legs growing bigger that didn't make it into the final cut of The Unequalizer 2, advanced full color preview of Zenith Scepter 2 featuring size transfer with woman shrinking out of clothes while another outgrows her clothes, advanced full color preview of Fizz Pop featuring small normal size man having sex with a very large amazon cheerleader and more!

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I'm so sad that I have to get

I'm so sad that I have to get this with a Credit Card and that it's not possible through PP anymore :'( because I don't own a credit card ZZZ what you doing to me!! FeelsBadMan