Jurassic GTS

Jurassic GTS

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Everyone thought dinosaurs would forever be the biggest creatures to walk the Earth...
Ken was a lucky man to land a security job on Dinosaur Island, even luckier to be dating Kristi, the sexy daughter of head scientist Dr. Hahn. When Kristi's best friend Dawn lands a job on Dinosaur Island, Kens life gets even better since he has been having some fun on the side with Dawn. An accident with the experimental dinosaur growth hormone leaves Ken with two very aroused, very big and growing women to choose from! Things get crazier and dangerous for everyone as the dinosaurs start breaking free of their habitats! This comic has GTS, breast growth, ass growth, several growth scenes, clothes ripping, shoe busting, giantess growth during sex, oral on normal size man from giantess, normal man giving oral to giantess, sex with giantess, giantess power display over dinosaurs and more! And now with Jurassic size pages, 2550x3600 and 300 dpi!

Growth is caused by growth hormone injection and sexual stimulation. All characters 18 or older. All images 2550x3600 and 300 dpi. Written by ZZZ, Lines by Poseidon, Colors by Davide Manna. This is in PDF format.

Check out the collectors edition which is 51 pages which includes all 22 normal pages as well as 22 pages without text, a 4 stage creation process page, character sketch page, 6 panel clothes busting growth sequence, full color previews to upcoming ZZZ Comics releases and more!

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Too pricy for what you get,

Too pricy for what you get, otherwise it's good.