A change of Attitude - Red Passion

A change of Attitude - Red Passion

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When Ian reaches Sylvia at the commercial’s location, everything seems to be fine. But there are some things that are going to change their everyday: Ariel, an old friend of Ian who has been hanging out with him during Sylvia’s absence, and Attitude’s unexpected effects on Sylvia, which will force the company to change their marketing plans. 
Meanwhile, Rei distances herself from Delilah, who has become completely obsessed with Attitude and its growing effects.
Will Sylvia break up with Ian because of Ariel? How will the new Red Attitude influence the girls’ lives? Find it out in this new chapter of A change of Attitude: Red passion.

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tetsu, you're the man! thanks

tetsu, you're the man! thanks for the new ep of AcoA!