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    BluePhone - Day Two

    Blue Phone is a slow growth series. All the events will occur during a period of 10 days. This is the second day where  consequences start to get big and women bigger
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    Wild Weekend

    Elena thought she'd left the wild life behind. and after a long week at work, she's ready for a quiet weekend. Unfortunately, her old roommate Bridget has dropped in with plans of her own, along with a batch of "special" brownies. Side effects may vary!  
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    Sugar Pills - Growth Comic - Part 1

    Sophie is a short, skinny and flat-chested college student who's always wanted to be taller and have bigger boobs. On a lark, she orders some "magic growth pills" from an ad in the back of a magazine... And to her surprise, they actually work! Sugar Pills Part 1 is the first part of a giantess growth comic series, about Sophie and her friend Sasha growing bigger and bigger!
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