ZZZ Comics 2014 Desktop Calendar

ZZZ Comics 2014 Desktop Calendar

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  • Images: 35
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  • Resolution: 1920x1080
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Live 2014 with a different fairy tale giantess every month on your desktop! ZZZ Comics 2014 GTS Desktop Calendar brings fairy tales to giantess size! Several incredibly talented artists worked to create a beautiful and sexy giantess image for each month.

January is a painting of a giant Snow White with an apple that had a very different effect than the evil witch planned. February is filled with romance as the prince finds his Sleeping Beauty much much taller than expected. March is a painting that finds a not so Little Mermaid helping a sinking ship. April is filled with rain and filled with a giant Princess who may just have been on the receiving end of a big Aladdin wish. May is a painting that has a playful Rapunzel, who also happens to be much taller than her tower which the hero climbs to meet her. June is a warm summer night with a warm sexy giantess Esmerelda smiling upon a tiny hunchback. July has Jack and Jill in a stream where they find the water has a very big effect on Jill. August is a painting that has a giantess Alice turning the tables on the Jaberwocky. September has 3 bears who just found a very big Goldilocks is sitting on all 3 of their beds and chairs at the same time. October is a painting that has a big bad wolf blowing up air towards the skirt of an even bigger sexy red riding hood. November finds the prince with a giantess Cinderella who's bare foot doesnt quite fit into the normal size glass slipper. December ends things for 2014 with a beautiful gentle giantess Belle covering Beast from the falling snow.

Along with the 12 calendar images there is also the high resolution version of each image without calendar, as well as 11 extra images showing the calendar images at various stages, concept, sketch, ink, an alternate sketch version of Cinderella and a fully inked alternate version of the Aladdin and Princess image by Poseidon for a grand total of 35 images. Calendar images are 1920x1080 pixels and h igh res are 3840x2160 pixels in Jpeg format.

The amazing artists involved in the calendar are Ernanda Souza, Apollo, Mr. Jer, Gaston, Nemesys, Jason "Doghateburger" Ch'ng, David "Vest" Delanty, Jay Defoy, and Eric Geusz.

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