Sizeable Tales 5

Sizeable Tales 5

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The fifth volume collecting three sexy size changing comics in one comic! One of the three is the continuation of Amazons Vs Ants this time drawn by Grow Fighter artist Danusko, another is our first male growth only comic, Little Red Pill and the third is the expansion of our size changing super hero series, Massive City!

Amazons vs Ants 2  takes place on a college campus overrun by giant ants! When the students fight back, the ant blood starts making the female students bigger, stronger, and sexier - and hornier! Shauna has grown very large and is having her way sexually with Libby, and Chloe starts growing bigger and more muscular in the middle of giving Duncan oral! Another ant shows up and Chloe gets the chance to grow even more! Amazons Vs Ants 2 contains giantess, fmg, clothes ripping, shoe busting, breast growth, ass growth, height growth, women in peril,  giantess amazon sex with normal size woman, giantess amazon sex with normal size man, amazon fighting giant ant, and oral sex to giantess from normal size woman!

Little Red Pill follows Spencer, a short scrawny 19 year old web designer who catches the eye of his tall busty physically fit manager Katrina.  Katrina invites Spencer to some drinks and then decides to test her companies experimental male enhancement pill - the results are big and powerful as is the sex that ensues!  Little Red Pill contains male growth only, clothes ripping, height growth, muscle growth, penis growth, athletic normal size woman sex with growing giant, and full body cum shot from giant on normal size woman!

Massive City 2 introduces two new heroes and one new sexy villainess to the world of Massive City. Sexy Cat Burglar Fast Pussy is a low level thief picking pockets for a living, but when do-gooder super hero Buggy decides to try and stop her, he accidentally knocks her into an ancient artifact that transforms her into a sexy, horny gigantic level threat!  Buggy gets back up from super hero Man's Man, will it be enough to stop the rampaging horny giantess?  This comic contains giantess, female growth, clothes ripping, boot busting, height growth,  breast growth, ass growth, building destruction from giantess growth, giantess using armored truck and bank safe for sexual stimulation and more!  There is no FMG and no male growth in Massive City 2.

Growth is caused by ant goo, magic, little red pill, and sexual arousal. All characters are 18 or older.  Amazons vs Ants story by ZZZ, art by Danusko Campos. Massive City 2 story by ZZZ, lines by Gian Carlo Bernal, colors by Maxflan. Little Red Pill story by ZZZ, lines by Oscar Celestini, colors by Elizabeth Lee.

Collectors Edition is 55 pages and includes all text and no text pages, a 3 stage giantess growth sequence of Ayako from Atlas Touch drawn by HSefra with colors by David Delanty, detailed character designs of the new Massive City heroes and sexy villainess, sketch pages featuring giantess growth, sexy amazon, giantess amazon sex with normal size woman, ink page featuring clothes ripping and giantess growth, advanced full color preview of Leaves of Change 2 featuring a very large Jade waking up in her too small clothes and bed, only to bump her head on the ceiling, and advanced full color preview of our next comic release, The Island of Doctor Morgro 3 which is the final chapter of that series and more!

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