Sizeable Tales

Sizeable Tales

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Three sexy size changing mini comics in one comic!  Time Grown, art by HSefra, is a spin off of Farm Grown set in ancient Greece.  Some oversized grapes help Idaeus impress the sexy and busty Adonia, who gets some of the same effects herself leading to some very big sex.  Ozzzed, art by Rukasu, is a spoof set in a magical land with a yellow brick road.  A very jealous witch is offered a poisonous magical apple, however the results are one very big, green ,sexy, busty, muscular amazon that takes revenge on her sister and then has her way with the wizard! Witches Rope, art by Ganassa and Vest, is the story of a very short domme and her amazon size submissive.  When the submissive gets rowdy the witches' rope helps bring things in order thanks to size transfer(giantess and shrinking woman), bondage and spankings!  Witches' Rope contains mini giantess, shrunken woman, growth, shrinking, breast growth, clothes ripping, shrinking out of clothes, bondage, spanking, and mini giantess on shrunken woman sexual acts.  Ozzzed contains mini giantess, amazon, clothes ripping, shoe busting, female muscle and height growth, breast growth, green skin transformation, amazon face sitting on normal size woman, amazon breast smothering normal size woman,  amazon face sitting normal size man, rough sex, and sex with mini giantess muscle amazon. Time Grown contains non muscle giantess, male giant, clothes ripping, shoe busting, male height, muscle and penis growth, female breast and height growth, giant and giantess having sex, normal size woman giving oral to giant size man, cumshot on face and breasts, and female growth to giantess during sex.

Growth is caused by magic rope, magic apple, meteor enhanced grapes and cum shot. Shrinking is caused by magic rope. All characters are 18 or older. All images are 2550x3600. Written by ZZZ. Witches' Rope lines by Ganassa, colors by David Vest Delanty. Ozzzed art by Rukasu.  Time Grown art by HSefra.

Collectors Edition is 56 pages and includes all 24 normal pages as well as the 24 pages without text. A 3 stage growth sequence of Miwan from NinGTSu illustrated by HSefra and colors by Francesca Piscitelli, Witches Rope sketch page featuring size transfer with shrinking out of clothes and clothes ripping, Ozzzed full ink page featuring female muscle growth out of clothes, and Time Grown pencil page featuring growth to giantess size from cum shot. Advanced full color preview of Leaves of Change featuring sexy tall Lorna having sex with an extra endowed Dean, advanced full color preview of Edge of Humanity 3 featuring returning characters Duarte and Gloria where Gloria is starting to transform after being shot, and advanced full color preview of Farm Grown 3 featuring returning characters Pam and Ryan and new characters the sexy female police officers Jan and Ashley trying to arrest the very large size Pam and Ryan!

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