Pocket Pixie In The City

Pocket Pixie In The City

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From the pages of Sizeable Tales and Pixie No More, Pocket Pixie is back in her own full size comic!   Grant has the sexy magical pixie Ruby following him around and she can't wait to meet his female roommates! On the way there she changes the life of a taxi driver and his sexy wife by making them both huge!  And later some female shrinking fun too!  What other size changing sexual fun will Ruby the Pixie unleash?  Find out in Pocket Pixie in the City!  This comic contains giantess, breast growth, ass growth, clothes ripping, slipper bursting, male muscle. height and penis growth, giant couples growing and having sex, house destruction from giant couples and growing, oral sex to growing giant, giant man growing larger while having sex with normal woman,  normal size woman on woman dildo play and face sitting, giantess filling room and outgrowing house, woman dressed as police woman shrinking out of clothes while being fondled by another woman dressed as a prisoner and more!

Growth and shrinking is caused by pixie magic. All characters are 18 or older. All images are 2545x3600. Written by ZZZ, lines by Lunareth, colors by ProFX Digital:AR

Collectors Edition includes all text and no text pages, a sexy clothes busting very busty Cherry from I Dream of GTS by Colossal Size Day artist JF, sketch, pencil and ink pages featuring shrinking out of clothes, man growing to giant while his body becomes less out of shape and more muscular, woman growing to giantess and filling room while walls are being destroyed from her growing, advanced full color preview of Shrinks Shrink showing another sexy female who is about to experience the Shrinks shrink and advanced full color preview of Growth Formula 3 featuring building size giant having sex with giantess while the giantess grows bigger in each panel and more!

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