Jurassic GTS 3

Jurassic GTS 3

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The highly requested sequel is finally here and with a fantastic new art team!  Mercenaries have invaded the island, but what are they after?  The dinosaurs...or something bigger?  And the dinosaurs continue their attack!  The giantesses of Jurassic GTS are in big trouble, will they be able to grow to meet the challenge or will one very sexy female merc get the upper hand on them?  This comic contains giantess, breast and ass growth, clothes ripping, growth during sex, outgrowing and destruction of vehicle, giantess fighting small and large dinosaurs, giantess fighting normal size humans, oral sex on growing woman, sex with giantess, giantess cumming on normal size man, good and evil giantess, women in peril and more!

Growth is caused by injection and sexual stimulation. All characters are 18 or older. All images are 2550x3670. Written by ZZZ & J.B. Hickock, lines by Machbiel, Colors by C.M. Obach, cover by GARR.

Collectors Edition is 52 pages and includes all text and no text images, a 3 stage FMG gone GTS where an fmg comic character grows to giantess without FMG - here it is Erin from Nozama Transfer growing on the beach next to her normal size sister Reina with art by The Silva Brothers.  Character designs by alternate artist, sketch pages and pencil pages featuring giantess growth, sex with giantess and giantess fighting dinosaur action, advanced full color preview of Cam and Grow featuring the sexy Cam girls from the comic with art by the Pixie No More team,  advanced full color preview of Goddesszilla 3 featuring a very big Karen having her way with Bigzilla, and work in progress pencil + ink preview of Massive City 2 featuring a couple normal size male super heroes on a rooftop watching a sexy giantess super villain steal a safe and an armored truck at the same time and more!

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