Growing Circle 5

Growing Circle 5

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The natives are getting restless and so is the Growing Circle gang!  In their attempt to escape the magical pyramid prison, they are flung back in time to the Old Wild West!  And things are going to get very wild when the Growing Circle magic starts making a local girl bigger and sexier!  Plus Dina and Callie having fun together?  Will they get back to their own time? Will they even want to go back with all the size changing and sexual fun they are having!? This comic contains giantess, clothes ripping, boot busting, breast growth, ass growth, height growth, breast growth while normal size mans hands are on them, female masturbation, male with super size penis, oral sex from normal size woman to super size penis, female growth up against super size penis, hand held normal size woman in building size woman's hand, hand held normal size man in building size woman's hand, fingering of normal size woman by building size woman in her hand, off camera male penis growth, woman being carried by growing giantess, girl on girl and more!

Collectors Edition includes all 100 text and no text pages, a full color giantess pin up of War Girl by Wagner, creation page process for Growing Circle 5, advanced full color full page preview of Bigness Cream featuring tall busty woman and another woman about to be exposed to the cream in a big way, and advanced 2 panel preview of Size Express Dating 2 featuring female growth and breast growth with art by Exemi and more!

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