Farm Grown 3

Farm Grown 3

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The long awaited Farm Grown sequel is here, and the Farmers Daughters are at it again! This time they outgrow the barn during sex, get into a all girl 3 way and a 4 way, have a run in with the law, then get them involved in some growing sex too! This comic contains lactation, GTS, BE, ass growth, Clothes/shoe rippping, male height, muscle and penis growth, building outgrowing, and for the first time from a ZZZ Comics comic - X Ray view! See penis growth inside woman during sex and oral, lesbian 3 way, growth during breast sucking, giant and giantess one on one sex during growth, 4 way with 1 growing guy and 3 growing giantess, room filling and outgrowing giantess, giantess on giantess, oral from growing woman, 2 growing women breast sucking another growing woman at the same time and more!

Growth is caused by drinking meteor enhanced milk and eating meteor enhanced eggs, milk from growing breasts and from meteor enhanced cum shot. All characters are 18 or older. All images are 2550x3300. Written by ZZZ, art by HSefra.

Collectors edition includes all 21 pages as well as all 21 pages with no text, A 3 stage growth sequence featuring Starlight from Pixie No More by Omar, a layout page featuring male and female growth to giant size while causing building destruction durng sex, pencil page featuring breast growth and face smacking breast growth and lactation, ink page featuring shoe busting and ass growth leading to pants busting, an advanced full color preview of Gigante Lake 2 with art by HSefra featuring returning characters Ray and Carlotta, Carlotta so big that her breasts dont fit in her bra and top and her sexy full ass doesnt fit in her shorts , full color preview of the space bound size change adventure Spaced Hunters with art by HSefra and Vest, featuring sexy mini giantess alien female Myxa trying to handle normal size Captain Vance's enormous cock, and full color preview of AGW The Family 2 featuring Alex and Donna going at it in the closet, mini giantess Donna growing bigger and busting out of her blouse just from the excitement, for a grand total of 52 pages!

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