Bigger Better Clones 2

Bigger Better Clones 2

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Jake, Chloe, Kelly and the Kelly clones are back!  This time little Kelly and big Kelly start to change in a different way, to their opposite size and beyond!  What kind of sexual fun will Jake and Chloe have with their Kelly clones?  What will Kelly herself do and what is smart Kelly up to who caused all of this?  Find out in Bigger Better Clones 2! This comic contains clones, growth, shrinking, GTS, mini gts, breast growth, ass growth, shrinking woman, clothes ripping, shrinking out of clothes and shoes, shrunken woman growing to giantess, giantess shrinking to doll size woman, light dominance and submissive scenes, female growth during sex with regular size woman, female shrinking during sex with normal size man, shrunken woman oral on normal man, cum shot on face and breasts, female growth during sex with normal size woman, normal size woman oral on giantess and more!

Growth and shrinking are caused by clone side effect.  All images are 2550x3600. Written by ZZZ and Sydney Brown, lines by Marcelo Vitacca, colors by Kate Finn, cover colors by Marcelo Vitacca.

Collectors Edition is Bigger Better size with 57  pages!  It includes all 22 normal pages as well as 22 pages without text.  Three full color pages drawn and colored by the original Bigger Better Clones art team, a St Patricks Day themed 3 stage growth sequence drawn by Gian Carlo Bernal, colors by Cexi of the sexy red head Lorna from Leaves of Change, pages colored by alternate colorist, pencil pages featuring some outside the panel art and some little Kelly and Chloe interaction, ink page featuring giantess giving sexual pleasure to normal size woman while that woman returns the favor, advanced full color preview of GTS Pop featuring some of the costume busting growth competition between two of the women, advanced full color preview of Wheel of Change featuring giant and giantess sex with art by Farm Grown artist HSefra, and advanced pencil preview page of Leaves of Change 2 featuring a very sexy woman shrinking out of her bath towel down to doll size!

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