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    Goldielocks and the Three Bearbarians

    A new comic by the College Grown team of HSefra and David Delanty! Goldilocks is a sweet and *cough* innocent girl who needs a warm meal and safe place for the night!  The home of the three bear hunting barbarians is perfect, but Goldilocks has other naughtier needs!
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    Everything Grown

    This is the one that brings them all together, it's the newest chapter of the Grown series, Everything Grown!  The story continues right where College Grown 3 ended, everyone from Farm Grown and College Grown are either growing while having sex on campus or being taken to a secured government facility, where they will grow and have sex!
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    The Humans and Kintar(a very tall similar to human race) are on their first expedition together and come across Gargantoxin, a powerful plant toxin that causes tremendous size and muscle growth!  Along with this, the effects are contagious!  Trent, a human, has a crush on the very tall and sexy woman Ryza, a Kintar, but they are trapped in a cave in!  Ryza decides to use the Garg
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