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    Everything Grown

    This is the one that brings them all together, it's the newest chapter of the Grown series, Everything Grown!  The story continues right where College Grown 3 ended, everyone from Farm Grown and College Grown are either growing while having sex on campus or being taken to a secured government facility, where they will grow and have sex!
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    College Grown 3

    The growing college students are back, and this time more teachers are getting into the growing fun! Ariana experiences a new side effect of the meteor rocks! And the students continue getting bigger too specially during sex! How big will they get?
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    College Grown

    The local farms weren't the only places where meteors landed. What happens  when the nerdy girls from the Gamma Tao Sigma sorority starts having fun  with the meteors? The girls start getting taller, bustier, sexier and very  aroused! And then toss in the very jealous cheerleaders who want to get  involved too! And one very lucky nerdy guy!
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