a Vial of Lies 5 - Roberta is Unbreakable

a Vial of Lies 5 - Roberta is Unbreakable

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Since she's stopped growing, Roberta is no longer the leader and she must face the boldness of Alice, who threatens to steal the scene (as well as something else...) from her. Kyle's potion seems to be the only way to overcome the impasse, but he's not so willing to help her again, especially now that he's living again his love dream with Val. Meanwhile, Francy and Sam find out about the potion and decide to confront Laura. Will Roberta get to the top again? How will Laura's cousins react to the truth? And Kyle and Val's relationship last against the odds? Find it out by reading "Roberta is unbreakable"

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too bad i have no chance to

eluriana (not verified)

too bad i have no chance to buy it  :(  have no kredit card and paypal don´t work either

I haven't even finished

I haven't even finished reading the last chapter but I'm already going to buy this one. I don't think I've been disappointed by something you've made yet.

Loved it! very good work.

jayson00 (not verified)

Loved it! very good work. Alice and Roberta are my favorites. would love to see Alice get very strong and muscular when she battles Roberta!

Here I go again checking out

Here I go again checking out the latest ep of this story. Fabulous as usual, Tetsu! Thank you!

P.S.:  It's an interesting fact that the growing serum/pills have the side effect of making the girl ruder and act like a jerk to everyone around her. I like it because it makes the story credible and add tension to the drama, even though we know its a fetish.