a Vial of Lies 3 - Confessions

a Vial of Lies 3 - Confessions

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The Halloween party is over, but everybody is still having fun with Kyle’s potions. Everybody except for Val, who is burning with jealousy watching Roberta getting taller and taller. When she finds out Roberta has discovered her secret and she is the one to receive the potion, she goes mad and she starts plotting her revenge.


With Val apparently defeated and Roberta apparently on their side, Kyle and Laura’s relationship goes one step forward. Laura accepts to grow only with Kyle’s permission and starts helping him with his research. Side effects always occur, though... and that's the perfect chance for Val to turn the tables.

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Great job as always! Love

Great job as always! Love your artwork.

Loving the story so far, I'm

Robboblox (not verified)

Loving the story so far, I'm really hoping that Alice's twins will keep growing!

I would also love to see what would happen if she were given some of Laura's boob growth formula.

Can't wait for the next chapter!