Special Ingredients

Special Ingredients

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From the Pixie No More art team and set in the same world and 5 pages longer than our usual comics!! Tall sexy alchemist Daria is struggling to find a new potion that will make her money, but her short and busty assistant Alyssa accidentally stumbles upon the recipe for a shrinking potion! Daria decides to test it out on Carla, a very big busty Tessan amazon. After having her way with the shrunken Carla sexually, Daria decides to try the same on her assistant. Carla and her boyfriend Grady seek revenge on Daria, and warn Alyssa, who creates a growth potion to cure Carla. Things get even more fun when Alyssa tricks Daria into taking the potion, while Grady slips the growth potion into Alyssa's drink! And then it's time for big Alyssa to have sexual fun and revenge on little Daria! This comic contains Giantess, Shrinking Women and shrinking amazon, BE, ass growth, clothes ripping/shoe busting, shrinking out of clothes and shoes, female masturbation, normal size woman fingering woman as she is shrinking, fisting, oral sex on normal size well endowed man by shrunken woman, full body grind against cock by shrunken woman, sex with shrunken woman, cum shot on face and breasts, growth from shrunken woman to amazon, growth from normal size woman to sexy busty giantess, face sitting, giantess cumming on shrunken woman body, giantess insertion of shrunken woman, X-Ray view of shrunken woman inside giantess pussy, and more!

Growth and shrinking is caused by magic potion. All characters are 18 or older. All images are 2893x4092. Story by ZZZ and Drew, lines by Lunareth, colors by Len.

Collectors Edition is 60 pages! It includes all 25 pages as well as 25 pages with no text, a sexy 3 stage growth sequence of Jade from Leaves of Change by The Silva Brothers, character design line art, sketch pages featuring shrunken woman sex with normal size woman and normal size man, amazon growth and sexy busty woman growth, and shrinking woman. Ink pages show giantess clothes busting growth and woman shrinking out of clothes. Advanced full color preview of Grow for the Cam, a busty cam girl is cheating by using scissors on her clothes to try to copy her rival who actually seems to grow out of her clothes, art by Pixie No More art team, Advanced full color preview of GTS Pop featuring our newest artist and includes one of the sexy giantess pop stars having sex with two normal size female fans, and advanced ink preview with dialogue of Pixie No More 6 - see a hint of what new powers Princess Rae has and a character that hasn't shown up since issue #1!

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