Spaced Hunters

Spaced Hunters

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What do you do when sexy giantess aliens are terrorizing the galaxy?  You call Vaaaance Everhard and the Spaced Hunters! Vance would probably show up for the giantess sex and then leave before she wakes up anyway.  Vance and his crew find themselves on board an alien ship with a dominant sex hungry mini giantess and a giantess making dildo shaped tail alien parasite!  How will they survive? With giantess growing and sex with mini giantess of course!  This comic contains giantess, breast growth, ass growth, height growth, clothes ripping, boot busting, sex and anal with mini giantess, cumshot on back of mini giantess, mini giantess growth to giantess, ass smothering and foot on face by mini giantess, shape shifting female android becoming sexy mini giantess and growing, giantess with dildo shaped alien tail sexual penetration of mini giantess, destruction by outgrowing of spaceship by giantess and more!

Growth is caused by Cosmic Grow injection, Android advanced technology and alien parasite. All characters 18 or older. All images are 2550x3600. Written by ZZZ, lines by HSefra, colors by David Vest Delanty.

Collectors Edition includes all 23 pages as well as 23 pages with no text with bonus pages for a total of 56 pages!  A 3 stage growth sequence of Titan Tina from My GTS Ex Girlfriend by Hsefra and Maxflan, 2 alternate artists character designs, four full line art pages drawn by alternate artist, full color page by alternate colorists, character designs and spaceship design by HSefra, advanced full color preview of Massive City mini comic, a very sexy tall and busty super heroine with the ability to shrink is sexually taunting a guy with a very big strong and well endowed alter ego, advanced full color preview of GTS Pop, 4 sexy female singers are about to become the biggest pop stars ever, and full color preview of Fountain of Growth 2 featuring a big sexy mind controlled giantess about to have her way with a soldier and more!

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