Something In The Water 4

Something In The Water 4

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After two years Something in the Water is back and in illustrated format! Rebecca, Jas, Chris, Tommy, Mary Sue, and the rest of the cast are back and the story picks up right where it left off! Chris, Rebecca and Jas are trying to jog Jas' memory but encounter an gigantic dog! Rebecca grows to the challenge, but then someone bigger and stronger than Rebecca shows up to smack her around - a super sized Elenoir! Meanwhile in the cheerleaders locker room the girls in the shower are growing and loving it - as well as each other! And Tommy, Mary Sue and May have a little sexual size changing fun but then have a surprise visit from a very angry, very jealous and very big and growing Hannah! This comic contains FMG, mini giantess, breast enlargement, height growth, clothes ripping, feats of strength, amazon cat fights, amazon on growing amazon sex in the showers, shrinking man with growing penis, wall smashing mini giantess, oral sex from mini giantess and more!

Growth is caused by blue water and adrenaline. All characters 18 or older. All images are 2550x3600. Written by ZZZ, pencils by Everton Costa, inks by Mario Zimprich, colors by Cexi, painted cover colors by Gaston.

Collectors Edition is Super Sized with 10 bonus pages! It includes all normal pages and all pages with no text. Also included are full color alternate cover by Everton Costa and Cexi, featuring a very large muscular nude Elenoir fighting a very large muscular nude Rebecca as well as night time coloration version of this alternate cover! There is a colored before and after of Jane in her full suit and in her large powerful muscular form drawn and colored by Berserka comic artist Arturo, as well as pencil drawn before and after of Jasmine in her original form and her large muscular form. There is layout pages featuring the cheerleaders growing to amazons in the shower and having sex with each other, pencil page featuring female growth busting out of clothes and pencil version of the painted cover, and ink page featuring a large powerful amazon having her way with a well endowed small size man sexually. There also is a preview of our upcoming 2015 FMG Calendar featuring work in progress art from Rukasu and painting style FMG giantess image by Max, as well as full color finished version of one of the Silva Brothers images in the calendar featuring Dr. Morgro getting sexually fondled by several of the island giantess amazons! And full color preview of another 3D comic gone illustrated, Not So Little Red Riding Hood Adventures drawn by HSefra and colors by vest featuring two growing amazons having sexual fun with each other!

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