Sizeable Tales 14

Sizeable Tales 14

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"A Growing Shade" a small humble...well maybe not so humble...cleric decides she won't be ignored anymore, and enhances her assets!  How far will she enhance? With art by Boosters 2 artist Luc! This comic contains mini giantess, non FMG growth and also FMG growth, breast growth, height growth, ass growth, beauty enhancement, and more!

"Moira the Dragon Breaker" A palace guard is imbued with tremendous size and strength, handles bandits and dragons, easily has her way with men sexually, and even meets up with Berserka! With art by Berserka and Vitamin Z artist Arturo! This comic contains FMG, breast growth, height growth, clothes ripping, boot busting,  sex with growing amazon, oral sex to growing amazon, feats of strength, normal size man being jerked off by large powerful amazon, muscle amazon kicking ass, normal size man sex with two large mini giantess muscle amazons at the same time and more!

"Mini Mayhem" This one is pure shrinking and shrunken woman sexual fun! Crista and Trevor have invented a serum that can shrink animals to miniature pet size! Crista gets bit by one of the mini animals and soon she finds herself shrinking out of her clothes to hand held size and in big trouble! What will Trevor do with Crista when he finds his naked sexy little lab partner girlfriend?  With art by a new artist to ZZZ Comics, Ace!  This comic contains shrinking woman, shrinking out of clothes, shrunken woman in peril, shrunken woman hand held, shrunken woman breast play, shrunken woman hand held and more!

Collectors Edition includes all text and no text pages, a full color painted image of Alicia from Alicia goes Wonderland by the incredible artist Genzoman!  Sketch pages and ink pages featuring FMG, normal size man sex with two mini giantess amazons at once, oral sex to shrunken woman from normal size man, advanced full color preview of the new size transfer comic "A New Life" where a short sexy busty college girl swaps size with a tall sexy female volleyball player, and advanced full color preview of Goldilocks and the Three Bearbarians by Grown series art team HSefra and David Delanty and more!

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