Shrinks Shrink

Shrinks Shrink

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Anastasia and Penelope are dating psychologists Diana and Hector, only to find out Diana and Hector are married! Yet that is not the only little secret these two have. An ancient artifact allows them to steal the size of the patients they seduce and then transfer it to themselves! Anastasia and Penelope soon find themselves in big trouble and playing out fairy tale fantasies at a miniature scale, while Hector and Diana enjoy the growing benefits! This comic contains giantess, breast growth, shoe busting, clothes ripping, woman shrinking, shrinking out of clothes, a small amount of male muscle, height and penis growth from small man to large man, large man and mini giantess sex near shrunken woman, shrunken woman riding large cock, shrunken woman fingered by giant man, full body cum shot on shrunken woman, woman shrinking while being fondled by another woman, woman growing while woman is shrinking on her lap, shrunken woman squeezed between growing woman breasts, shrunken woman insertion into growing woman, inside view of shrunken woman inside woman, oral sex to shrunken woman from mini giantess and more!

Collectors Edition includes all text and no text pages, a sexy pin up of Candy from Gigante Lake by HSefra and David Delanty, full color character designs, sketch cover, ink pages featuring female shrinking out of clothes, shrunken woman riding cock and woman growing to mini giantess with shrunken woman on her, advanced full color preview of Thar BE GTS 3 featuring shrunken woman peril and advanced full color preview of Goldilocks and the 3 Bearbarians featuring Goldilocks getting caught not sleeping in one bed, instead being very naughty, and more!

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