Night Haven Size Swap

Night Haven Size Swap

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What makes Ophelia such a desireable and unique Succubus? Not only can she take on the physical shape and appearance of the woman someone desires most by touching them, she can also drain their size during sex or give away her size! This leads to her growing to giantess size of 30ft, causing another woman to grow to an 8ft tall busty beauty, and shrinking down to 1ft tall all while looking like someones fantasy woman! BE, Shrinking Woman, Shrinking Man, GTS, Clothes Ripping, Shoe busting, foot growth, ass growth, Beauty Enhancement, room filling giantess, growth during sex, shrinking woman clothes loosening, shrunken woman in mans hand and on shoulder, male shrinking during sex, shrunken man hand held in the air by giantess. Size changes are all caused by Ophelias touch or during sex. All characters are 18 or older. All images are 3508x4961. 22 pages including cover. This is in PDF format.

Written by ZZZ, art by Mario-reg.

Collectors edition includes all 22 pages as well as all 22 pages with no text, 3 stage growth sequence featuring Red from Not So Little Red Riding Hood illustrated by Collette Turner and colors by Andrea Celestini, a bonus image of Opheliaand Bran by Mario-reg, a fully inked black and white preview of the temple exploring ancient artifact hunting woman gone giantess called Fountain of Growth, as well as a full color preview with before and after nude growth sequence of the upcoming college girl gone valkyrie comic called "G.T.S.V." plus bonus art with no text for a grand total of 51 pages!

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