My Giantess Ex Girlfriend

My Giantess Ex Girlfriend

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What happens when you break up with a super hero girlfriend that can grow to giant size? Giantess, clothes ripping, shoe busting, breasts growing, ass growing, house destruction, growth during oral, sexual actitivities with mini giantess, timid girl becoming dominant sexy mini giantess, 4 way sex with a giantess! This issue contains the backstory of how Tina received her powers, includes growing during sex and oral, giantess on woman oral, woman on giantess oral, mini giantess on man oral, as well as a giantess with 1 normal size girl and 2 normal size guys 4 way. Watch as small scrawny brown haired nerdy Tina grows to super tall sexy and dominant busty blonde Towering Tina! Growth is caused by alien ray and self size control. All characters are 18 or older. All images are 3039x4673. 22 pages including cover.

Written and lettered by ZZZ, lines by Oscar Celestini, colors by HENRY. This is in PDF format.

Check out the collectors edition which is 48 pages including full page previews to upcoming illustrated comics, and also an additional 3 stage growth sequence illustrated and colored by Oscar Celestini!

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