I Dream of GTS

I Dream of GTS

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What happens when Ashley find a genies lamp on a desert expedition? Growing fun ensues! Her girlfriend Cherry disapproves until some growing starts happening...and Jasmine the very busty very tall genie loves growing women too! And revenge at the office via growth during sex! GTS, lots of BE, Ass growth, clothes/shoe ripping, giantess on normal size woman sex, giantess on giantess sex, and growing giantess on normal size man sex, office and living room filling, furniture smashing from growth and more!

Growth is caused by wish. All characters are 18 or older. All images are 2501x3688. Written by ZZZ, Art By Mr. Jer, bonus art by Oscar Celestini. This is in PDF format.

Check out the collectors edition which is 51 pages including a 3 stage growth sequence by Oscar Celestini, previews to upcoming ZZZ Comic releases, Sketch pages, colored character sketches and more!

And for the first time ever from ZZZ Comics check out the animated video trailer:


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Great story! Can't wait for

Great story! Can't wait for the sequel :-)