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GTSV 2 is the story of Diana, a regular college girl who has her life drastically changed when two 150 ft tall valkyries come crashing down in front of her. Be aware, this comic has no sex but it does have nudity, clothes ripping, tennis shoe bursting, FMG, breast growth, ass growth, mini GTS and 100 ft giantess, feats of strength, valkyrie transformation and giantess action. In this chapter Diana's full transformation into a valkyrie unfolds - just in time too as Diana must face the first villainess from the Zodiac Legion, the very scorching hot growing amazon Singe! Will Larissa be able to save Diana in time or will she be too busy trying to keep Ivy from jumping into her giant cleavage? Find out in GTSV Episode 2!!!

Growth is caused by Valkyrie transformation and heat. All characters are 18 or older. All images are 2480x3508. Written by ZZZ, lines by Len(colorist from Pixie No More!), colors by Ashlore. This version is in PDF format.

Collectors edition is Valkyrie size at 56 pages with extra bonuses and includes all 23 pages as well as all 23 pages without text, a beautifully colored alternate cover drawn by Len and colored by Ashlore, a 3 stage FMG Happens growth sequence starring Lynn from Goddesszilla 1 & 2 by Wagner, the alternate black and white sketch version of this 3 stage FMG sequence, a line art page with text, character sketch of Diana and her armor, full color sketch of Singe and her 3rd level form which won't be seen until GTSV 3, full color high quality advanced concept art preview of Joan The Architect from the next action heavy non adult comic, full color preview of Edge of Humanity 2 featuring the new characters trying to arrest Delilah, and full color preview of Atlas Touch 2 showing the new sexy female waitress starting to grow from Russ' magical touch!

Support GTSV 2 if you want to see additional talented artists drawing giantess, FMG and SW comics who prefer to work on no sex comics. And dont worry, there will always be plenty of sex filled GTS/FMG/SW/BE ZZZ Comics too!

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