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The Mega Monsters are terrorizing the city, and Uberman alone can't handle
them! That's when super genius Sho invents the Monsterfier X, a weapon that
is supposed to make him Mega Monster size...He uses a small dose on himself
to demonstrate it one night, but what happens when it accidentally zaps the
super slutty reporter Karen Randy and also his girlfriend Lynn several

A giantess growth competition cat fight , mega monsters, and some city
destruction! Clothes ripping, breast growth, ass growth, height growth,
shoe busting, alternate view growth scene, small man growing to tall well
hung athlete, giantess giving oral to normal size(but well hung) man,
giantess breast squeeze of normal size mans body, mini giantess, 50 ft
giantess, 100 ft+ giantess, and a little building smashing and car crushing
under foot! Plus a little smacking around of a grope happy giant ape!

Growth is caused by the Monsterfier X weapon.

All characters are 18 or older. 24 Images in Jpeg. All images are 2480x3508.
Goddesszilla is written by ZZZ, lines by Norin Jenei, colors by Ross A.

Check out the collectors edition which is 53 pages, including full page previews to upcoming illustrated comics, an anime style 3 stage growth sequence illustrated by Hinomars 19 and 2 sexy images illustrated and colored by Norin Jenei!

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