Gift of the Magi

Gift of the Magi

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34 pages, B&W, US$7.99
Female Growth, Giantess, Shrinking Men
Artwork by Bojay

A great GTS / SM comic by Bojay! “Gift of the Magi” has lots of wonderful growth sequences and some of the best examples of male / female GTS / SM interaction ever. The 34 page comic also has 7 additional pages of wonderful sketches by Bojay!

Story Summary: Cute little Jenny is only 4 feet 10 and her boyfriend Brad is 6 foot 6. Wouldn’t it be nice if they were the same size? Jenny plans a big Christmas surprise with a growth ray that turns her into a tall sexy bombshell. Meanwhile Brad shows up with a little surprise of his own. How will Brad react now that little Jenny’s on top? And will Jenny ever stop growing?

The Gift of the Magi

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