Fountain of Growth 2

Fountain of Growth 2

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By popular demand, the written ZZZ story turned comic, Fountain of Growth, continues, this time with sex!  Michelle narrowly escapes mind control at the hands of Roy, while Roys employer, the evil elder woman Mei Fan grows her female competitors into her own mind controlled giantess army!  The giantess army have needs, sexual needs, and the normal size male soldiers are their sex toys to play with!  Roy plots to have Mei Fan drink the fountain water to use the mind control statue on her, and the water causes Mei Fan to become younger, super sexy and giantess sized, but Mei Fan plans ahead! Roy is in big and growing trouble!  The now mini giantess sized Michelle recruits help from her friend Javier when she finds out there is another statue, but she has sexual needs too and Javier is just in the right place at the right time!  When Michelle hits the caves to find the other statue, will her new larger size help or hinder her adventure?  Find out in Fountain of Growth 2!  This comic contains giantess, growth, clothes ripping/shoe busting, enhanced age regression from old woman to sexy 18 year old, beauty enhancement, breast growth, giantess fingering giantess, giantess breast smothering normal size man, creampie, mini giantess sex with normal size man, giantess rough sex with normal size man, giantess insertion of normal size man, mind control, women in peril and more!

Growth is caused by eating sexual stimulation and fountain water. All characters are 18 or older. All images are 2550x3600. Story by ZZZ and Dana Bowman, art by Emilio Piliu.

Collectors Edition is 53 pages  and includes all 23 pages as well as 23 pages with no text, a sexy 3 stage growth sequence of Trish from Boosters by Gian Carlo Bernal and colorist Cexi, 2 fully inked pages by original Fountain of Growth artist Poseidon, 5 pencil pages by Poseidon which include 2 clothes busting female growth sequences, grey tone sketch pages by Emilio Piliu which include giantess insertion of normal size man and normal size man rough sex with giantess, advanced full color preview of Jurassic GTS 3 featuring some attacking raptors drawn by our new art team, and advanced full color preview of I Need More featuring several of the characters in a Coyoute Ugly kind of location dancing on a bar and one of the sexy girls getting frisky with main character Kevin, and more!

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