Filling the Ranks

Filling the Ranks

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This story has taken me 4 YEARS to make (You might have seen old versions of the first few dozen pages floating around, but they stop before any action starts...).
4 years, man, I'm getting old... :)

The story focuses on private Anne Torres - a small woman (150cm~4'11"), on her first assignment from basic training (aka boot camp). She meets a sympathetic lieutenant, a hard-ass sergeant, and later, a female doctor. Things change when a strange enemy virus starts affecting the troops, shrinking the men, and making the women grow.

Basically, this little woman shows up in a military camp, and a big angry sergeant torments her, trying to get her to leave. But then she grows, and he shrinks, and tormenting her isn't quite so easy anymore...
And of course, as always in my stories, couples get together, and have some hot steamy fun with each other, as their sizes change (the sizes swap, and even beyond that).

**This complete story contains a whopping 384 Hi-Res images (which can explain why this took me so long...)**

Because it's so long, the story is divided into 2 parts. You can either buy a single part for 8.30$, or buy both parts for 14$ (a discount of 15% from the full price of 16.60$)

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bought this story and love

bought this story and love it!

I was hoping for "just a little bit" as i recieve the email but still im pleased by the story! :)

Thanks! I'm glad to hear


I'm glad to hear people like it smiley

any chance for "just a little

any chance for "just a little bit" series?

I really want to read the next chapter(s) :)


I plan to work on 'Just a

I plan to work on 'Just a little bit' next.

I think the next chapter will be the last chapter.