Farm Grown 2

Farm Grown 2

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The crazy growing farmers daughters are back! What happens when the girls start drinking the giant cows milk? This time around the action continues right from part 1, three way in the barn between Kim and her two new friends, motel outgrowing action with Pam and then there is the new farm girl, Sue the neighbor. She comes to visit Julie, and Julie of course just has to give her something to eat, but Sue drinks the meteor affected cows milk instead! Lactation, GTS, BE, ass growth, Clothes/shoe rippping, 3 way with 1 guy and 2 growing giantess, cum shot on ass causing growth, male enhancement and penis growth, room filling and outgrowing giantess, giantess on giantess, oral from 2 growing women at the same time and more!

Growth is caused by drinking meteor enhanced milk and eating meteor enhanced eggs and cum shot on skin. All characters are 18 or older. All images are 2550x3300. Written by ZZZ, art by HSefra. This is in PDF format.

Check out the collectors edition which is 50 pages including full page previews to upcoming illustrated comics, sketch work and ink work from HSefra, 3 stage growth sequence and a full page image of the 3 way sex scene with 2 giantess and one normal size man illustrated and colored by HSefra!

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