Domina's Valley Ch.9 EN

Domina's Valley Ch.9 EN

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Tales From Domina's Valley | Part TWO - Autumn's Whispers | Chapter 9 - Sweet Nightmares

Tyson finds himself inside a sweet dream: he is dating the busty and gorgeous Giselle, and this weekend he is hers. Under control of his mistress and dominated by his own instincts, they have a delicious travel to Tyson's house for a love night and, in the next afternoon, a walk into a mysterious place, very special to Giselle... even more special to others.


Suddenly, he feels falling into a nasty Deja-vú: he feels... home? What about dreaming with a powerful and gorgeous prisoner asking for help and offering a life more enjoyable than his wildest dreams?  What if she shows you a reality so deliciously intense that you'd feel in a nightmare? 


How could she have such massive body? If every day could be like that I'd love to live it daily, live Sweet  Nightmares.

In this chapter, more mysterious news about this growing comic and... some growth ;-)



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Hi Bmtbguy ! I just finished

Hi Bmtbguy !

I just finished reading "Domina's Valley" Chapter 9 and as usual I loved the story and the characters. You did a great job ! Your amazone women are perfect. smiley   I only wish that Giselle uses some super strength to humiliate the boys in the yellow sports car. I mean, she could just lift the back of the car to prevent them from escape and then makes them have an accident pushing the vehicle. Reading this scene, I believed it until the last moment  ! For me, that's the only thing what I miss in your stories.   With your permission, I would like recommend your comics in a forum dedicated to the world of superwomen with great powers, including super strength. It is "Superwomenmania forum"   I'm sure if you incorporate super strength scenes in your stories, many people from Superwomenmania would be interested, because I have found that those who are interested in super strong women, like big tall amazone women too.   Anyway, thank you again for those moments of pleasure and fun reading your high quality  illustrated storie. wink   PS: what about Miss Domina we saw in chapter 6 ? Do you project to bring her back in future chapters ? Her amazon body was amazing ! surprise