Domina's Valley Ch.6 EN

Domina's Valley Ch.6 EN

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Tales from Domina's Valley - Chapter 6 - Welcome to Domina's Valley - Last Chapter of Part ONE -
Here ends the introduction of Tales From Domina's Valley, presenting 2 more characters of this plot, explaining and improving a bit more about the whole story: by the end of each semester professors and students enjoy the pool together, an old tradition on the campus... but remember that this is Domina's Valley! Will our dear professor survive the heat of the water? Thanks to the new improvements like special surfaces and new light techs this was the hardest to render story ever I did until now, 40 days of almost non-stop rendering breaking the 15 hours of render time per picture on the pool scene.
I had a lot of work on it and I'm delivering it in all 3 languages at once (all the chapters of Domina's Valley has its versions on English, Spanish and Portuguese).
I really hope you guys enjoy it. 
See also the Brazilian Portuguese and Latin American Spanish versions on the OTHER LANGUAGES Shop.
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Just downloaded it!  Image

Just downloaded it!  Image quality is brilliant, great story can't wait for more



Worth every cent...

Worth every cent... smiley

This illustrated story gonna

This illustrated story gonna make me crazy ! I can't wait for the next part !

Very sexy amazones, suspens, high quality pictures : I highly recommended it !

Just one request for Bmtbguy : a woman growing in height and weight in such way like Jessy must be growing in strength too. I loved the human lifting but it would be cool to see her making a tremendous feat of strength like a car lifting... Please...

Thank you very much for your amazing story !


Artnico ;-)

Sure, Dominas`s Valley focus

Sure, Dominas`s Valley focus on characters interaction. There are many strength exibitions ahead.