Domina's Valley Bundle 1 EN

Domina's Valley Bundle 1 EN

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Tales From Domina's Valley - Part 1 | A Pretty Big Girl heart

The first part of a story involving tall girls, myths and a very special city. 
All the 6 chapters of the beginning of this story and its bonuses by a special price: Save 23% 

Jessy D. Young is a pretty girl, student of Domina's Valley University. She had an HUGE growth spurt when she became a teenager, dwarfing all her friends. 

Now in her fresh 18 years old body, her friends are not so shorter than her, but she is the hottest stuff in town, stronger and taller than all of them. Immature, hot, tall, yet sweet, she always gets what she wants. But what if a man comes into her town and resist her? What if he falls in love for her?

That's a lot of delicious problems ahead!  devil


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