Domina's Valley 23 - The Game Changer

Domina's Valley 23 - The Game Changer

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Domina's Valley 23 - The Game Changer
©Tales From Domina's Valley | Part FOUR - Spicy Spring

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Characters: The whole squad.
Main Stars: The Foxes and The Queens, Literally. Plus 3 females.
Secondary: The rest ;P

Veronica finds out that someone else is channeling the Goddess' powers, but she found nothing when she went after the wave's source. Who could invoke the Goddess power without the Goddess Mark, that had disappeared on Spring's Corner? Has someone found it? 

She should also look out for her old assistant, who is now an agent of the witch huntresses, those who possess the knowledge of Mr. Tyson's most secret of documents, and they're going to use them as a game changer - not only to try growing themselves but as a boost for their volleyball team in a game against the Queens! 

And, if it works out, can they still win against the super-sized Amazons of Domina's Valley?  

As the story approaches the end of this season, the line between witches and huntresses begins to blur and, we may ask ourselves, who is going to win this battle? 

Whoever wins it, we shall delight ourselves finding out. 

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