Domina's Valley 18

Domina's Valley 18

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Domina's Valley 18 - Valens' Charm

©Tales From Domina's Valley | Part THREE - Tropical Winter

Images: 288 

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After a day of intense sex with his newly grown Amazon Queen, Tyson experiences one of the best days of his life. Suddenly a crisis begins, all related to Jessy's disappearance. Then, weeks later, Professor Stanley Widefield gathers the courage to tell Tyson the truth but, which truth is that? Meanwhile, they discover a pattern, cutely named as Valens' Charm, that proportionally affects men's awareness of reality depending of how tall and hot a nearby girl is. Elsewhere, Patricia shares her new knowledge of the pattern to try to keep her association with Vivian, who was having problems with Jana's Mounds wrecking clothes due to their size.

And then Eden shows up, like an enigma the naive girl looks to be aware of the Valens' Charm and of more things than she should, possessing even more powers than her two extremely large and firm breasts. And that's scary, because what could be more powerful than those?

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