A change of Attitude - Sylvia Moore

A change of Attitude - Sylvia Moore

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Society has totally changed since Attitude was marketed: girls have now learnt how to manage boys from the heights of their confidence and beauty, and all thanks to this miraculous drink which triggers their growth and allows them to reach their natural inner height limit. 
But there are some who do not accept these changes: Ian thinks it’s unnatural and doesn’t want his girlfriend Sylvia to start Attitude treatment. It goes without saying that she suffers for being different: she’s the shortest of her friends and therefore the least confident, but she doesn’t want to let her love down.
To help Sylvia overcome her inferiority complex, Ian eventually changes his mind and buys Attitude for her. If you want to see if it worked out and how Sylvia is changed, check this brand new story: A change of Attitude.

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As usual, another really good

As usual, another really good product! Keep up the good work!

Thank you ;)

Thank you ;)

Its seemed awesome, what a

Its seemed awesome, what a pity that will be paid...

What I love most about a good

What I love most about a good story is the Mini-GTS presence and Tetsu proved how to be a master on it. So I can't say anything but that it's a superb product from Tetsu! You did it again, man! Keep up the excellent work!

Very Nice! Please more

FreakyUser (not verified)

Very Nice! Please more movies  cool

I love the growth scenes, please more growth scenes !! wink

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