Booby Battle

Booby Battle

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82 pages, Back & White, US$9.99
Giantess, Shrinking Women, Breast Expansion
Artwork by Cluedog

A fun Breast Enlargement, Giantess and Shrinking Women comic by Cluedog! This comic features 82 pages of non-stop transformation sequences, from gigantic to teeny-tiny, flat to stacked and lots more.

Story Summary: A cute but flat-chested scientist becomes jealous of 50-story tall Humonga’s giant rack. But even after a few experiments give her what she wants, Humonga is still teasing her. Our plucky heroine uses a shrink ray and some special transformation formulas to teach the colossal chick a big lesson.

“Booby Battle” has 82 black and white pages, including 28 multi-panel pages and 54 single-panel pages. No dialogue, the great art speaks for itself.

Booby Battle

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