Big Time 2

Big Time 2

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Katherines mission has ramped up in difficulty thanks to a growing 75 foot tall muscular giantess! The action continues from where Big Time part 1 left off. Will James and new character Holly be able to save Katherine from Crush in time? And what does the Big Time code do? And more crossover secrets revealed! Who is the boss of Crush? Find out more in Big Time 2! Giantess vs FMG Giantess! Also included is "The Other Super Soldier" 5 page mini comic. A would be super soldier decides to push his grilfriend into the super soldier making machine! The results are very big, very strong, very sexy and very aroused!

"The Other Super Soldier" has clothes/shoe busting FMG/BE growth, mini giantess lifting normal size man, giving normal size man oral, penis squeeze by growing breasts, growth during face sitting, growth from mini giantess to full size giantess, and is illustrated by legendary FMG artist The Manic! Beautiful colors provided by Nahp. In this FMG spoof growth is caused by super soldier machine. Big Time 2 does not have sex but does have FMG and non FMG giantess growth, mini giantess, 75 ft giantess, 300 ft + giantess, clothes/shoe ripping, peril and action, as well as a second clothes busting scene in bed. Growth is caused by serum effects and nanite codes.

All characters are 18 or older. All images are 2550x3586. Written by ZZZ, art by Claudius Arts. Bonus comic written by ZZZ, lines by The Manic, colors by Nahp. This is in PDF format.

Check out the collectors edition which is 52 pages including a full color 3 stage FMG growth sequence by Oscar Celestini, previews to upcoming ZZZ Comic releases which feature growth, pencil page, pencil character illustrations and more!

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