Big Time

Big Time

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Katherine is on a mission to retrieve a mysterious serum, what happens when the crazed enemy soldier by the name of Crush shows up? The danger gets bigger and bigger for Katherine! Also included is The Growing Elf 5 page mini comic. An sexy elf thief has it a little rough when her barbarian boyfriend has an Ogre strength potion before having sex, she has her revenge the next morning when she acciddentally drinks one thinking its a healing potion!

"The Growing Elf" has normal size sexy elf woman on very large size man sex, and mini giantess size elf woman on normal size man sex, FMG, BE, Clothes ripping, boot busting, oral both ways and a little man handling. Growth is caused by Ogre Strenth Potion. Big Time does not have sex but does have FMG, BE, mini giantess, 50 ft giantess, clothes ripping, boot busting, peril and action! Growth is caused by mysterious ability, as well as nano serum injection.

"Big Time" also has more muscle growth than some of my previous FMG comics. The muscle growth is lighter in "The Growing Elf".

Check out the Collectors Edition, it has 47 pages, all 21 images with text, all 21 images without text but still with sound effect text, bonus before and after FMG Mini GTS illustration of Balinda from 3GTS by PlayWorkArt, A bonus before and after FMG Mini GTS of Crush from Big Time, a pencil sketch version of one of the pages of this issue of Big Time featuring clothes ripping for a development process peek, a full color 1 page preview of Night Haven Size Swap featuring a shrunken woman, a mini giantess and normal size man, and a full color 1 page preview of Goddesszilla featuring a spat between the sexy villainess Karen and sexy heroic Lynn right before things get big.

All characters are 18 or older. 47 pages total in Collectors edition.  All images are 2550x3567.
Big Time is written by ZZZ, art by Claudius Arts. The Growing Elf is written by ZZZ, art by HSefra.
Bonus art by Tovio Rogers and PlayWorkArt.

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